Wednesday, November 3, 2021

New York Trip to celebrate Eric's 60th Birthday Day 3 - Brunch at Gretchen's 10-24-21

Brunch at Gretchen and Paul's after church
Eric and his sister Susan

Cindy and Tim

Gretchen and her granddaughter Hannah

Eric, Gretchen and Paul

Eric, Michael, Beau and Courtney
This is the first time meeting Beau ....such a joy!

Tammy, Hannah and Eric
Hannah is beautiful.

Beau Baldauf toddling all around

The family having time together

Matthew, Eric, Erin and Hannah

ERic, Courtney, Michael, Beau, Matthew, Erin and Hannah.

Matthew, Tammy, Eric, Courtney and Hannah.

Such a beautiful time to be together.  We haven't seen each other because of Covid and it was wonderful to be together.  Thank you Paul and Gretchen hosting all of us on Sunday.


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