Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Return to Seibert Lane - Summer Vacation 2011

Return to Seibert Lane

Arcade, New York

Summer Vacation 2011

My boys favorite place on earth to visit Eric's parents at their summer cottage in Arcade, New York. If there was a word for paradise it would be Arcade. This year Eric's dad lost his eyesight and we don't know what the future holds for the summer place so we enjoyed our time there with lots of pictures so we will always hold it our hearts.

Brock and Anna fishing from the paddle boat.

Anna, Benjamin, Jack and Brock fishing with poles and fish in hand.

Blake and Grandpa Seibert

Benjamin picking wild raspberries.

Brock and Anna and the water lilies on the pond.

Looking up in the beautiful trees.

Benjamin fishing

Aunt Cindy and Eric

Tammy, Blake and Eric

Jack, Cathy, Cindy, Tim and Anna

Looking up at the flag and blue sky

Aunt Sue, Eric, Blake, Uncle Tim, Aunt Cindy, Eric & Tammy

Benjamin, Nanni and Grandpa & Brock laying on the grass.

Cousins Lindsey, Robert and Courtney with Blake, Benjamin and Brock

All three boys fishing

Having the time of their lives

Brock catching his fish in the net

Brock catching another fish...its a competition.

Eric in the canoe

Looking across the swimming pool back to the pond.

My favorite picture: Brock and Blake on side of the pond.

Benjamin across the pond at sunset.

Double dip chocolate chip...yum!

Ice cream at Delightfuls.

Look at the smile...double dip fun!

Eric's family

Back row: Eric, Eric, Ed, Blake & Michael

Second Row: Tammy, Cindy, Sarah, Courtney, Jessica, Robert & Nancy

Sitting Down: Gretchen, Nanni, Grandpa, Sue & Paul

Lindsey, Brock, Benjamin

We missed Matthew and Erin and thank you Tim for taking the picture.

All the grandkids with Nanni and Grandpa

Eric with his brother Ed and sisters Sue, Gretchen and Cindy

and Nanni and Grandpa

We will treasure our memories always from Summer 2011.

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Geebee said...

Love the photos! Thanks so much for posting them! We miss you!