Thursday, August 12, 2021

Debbie and John Wright - 40th Anniversary - Walnut Creek Chapel - Renewal of Vows 7-17-21 - Dr. Gene Nease WCChapel Minister/Owner

Debbie and John Wright
Happy 40th Anniversary
Renewal of Vows 
Walnut Creek Chapel
Dr. Gene Nease - Minister/Owner
Charlotte Nease - Coordinator
This is my favorite picture of this couple
They are special friends to Gene and Charlotte

Renewal of Vows
from each person

Dr. Gene Nease with the couple
and the renewing of vows

Special Day 40th Anniversary

Charlotte Nease, Dr. Gene Nease, Debbie and John Wright
Thank you Ashley for taking this photo
Great memories of such wonderful people.

Ahsley Wells (daughter) and Jesse Wells (Son-In-Law)
Debbie and John Wright (parents)

Congratulations and here's to any more years of happiness.


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