Thursday, July 22, 2021

Kyana Kirk and Miguel Rojas - Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception on 5-30-21 Dr. Gene Nease - Minister

Kyana Kirk and Miguel Rojas
Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception
on 5-30-21
Dr. Gene Nease - Minister
Tammy Seibert - Coordinator
Best wishes from the Staff
to the beautiful couple.

Welcome Sign

Engagement Photos of the couple

Dr. Gene Nease
Walnut Creek Chapel - Owner/Minister

Dr. Gene Nease and Miguel Rojas
waiting for Kyana Kirk to join them for the ceremony.

Balcony Photo of the ceremony
Presentation of Bride to Groom

Rings Ceremony

Vows being exchanged

Recessional Kiss

Signing the Guest Book
Gabby and Miland (Flower Girls)

Miguel and his groomsmen

Rojas Wedding Party

Taking pictures in the garden

Chris Cox taking this beautiful shot

Tammy pinning on corsages

Ken and Sherry Kirk (grandparents of bride)
Sherry was A Spot For Tea manager for Tammy for many years

Flower Girls in the reception

First Look into reception room

Navy and burgundy runners for table
Fresh greenery and candles on each table
Ann Simonton our dear friend and great Aunt to Kyana
provided decorations

Party Favors

Menu Board:
Appetizers served first
Fruit with dip and cheese and crackers
Vegetable platter with dip
Fiesta Cheeseball with crackers
Stuffed Mushrooms

Buffet Menu:
Smoked Beef Brisket with BBQ sauce on side
Mashed Potato Bar with Toppings
Tuscan Vegetable Medley
Golden Corn
Penne Pasta with Marinara Sauce
Warm Croissants with Butter
A Spot For Tea Caterer

Amy's Cakes
Bridal Cake
with gender reveal in top layer

Gina and Ann (great aunt to bride)

Conversation on the patio with twinkle lights

Front doors to the chapel

Facebook collage by Tammy

Tammy did Kyana's 5th dress-up tea party April 10, 2004
and now here she is getting married at the chapel in full-circle moment.

WCChapel Vendors:
Dr. Gene Nease - Owner Minister
David Briscoe - Live Musician
Tammy Seibert - Coordinator
Charlotte Nease - Blogger
A Spot For Tea - Caterer - Chef ERic Seibert
A+Entertainment - Chris Cox DJ
Integrity Limo - Brad Johnson
Susie Lopez - Bartending Service
Jenita Sonaggera - Bartender
Conventions and More - Linens

Outside Vendors:
Leia Smethurst Photography
Jessie - Videographer
Amy Cakes - Cake Design


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