Thursday, December 31, 2020

Hosting Bobby Don Gifford's 50th Birthday Party on 12-5-20 at Walnut Creek Chapel Event Center by Nicole Gifford

Bobby Don Gifford
50th Birthday Party Event
Walnut Creek Chapel Event Center
by Nicole Gifford
Tammy Seibert - Coordinator

Guest Book

Picture of then and now

Slide Show - Randy Poff

Chapel set for program

Under the direction of Chris Cowden /Gifford
aka Rev. Neil Be Formee
Crystal Smith
Garrett Eller
David Petermann
Dale Mills
Brandon Beaird

Welcome Sign


Let the party begin

First Look into Celebration Room


Black Table Linens

Buffet Table

Menu Board

Special Wine for the party

Challenge Coin

Birthday Cake
Sweete Connection

Bobby at Cake Table

Gift from Guest

Bobby looking great at 50

Facebook Collage

Walnut Creek Chapel Vendors:
Tammy Seibert - Coordinator
Charlotte Nease - Coordinator/Blogger
Susan Taunton - Sweete Connection Cakes
Tammy And Chef Eric - A Spot For Tea Catering
Conventions and More - Table Linens
Chris Cox - A+Entertainment - DJ
Susie Lopez - Bar Service


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