Thursday, April 2, 2020

Rose Cottage Archives 2/2000 - 12/2010

Why I created Rose Cottage Archives:

I'm retiring my tea party hat after 1264 Dress-Me-Up Tea Parties.  After I retired my hat in December 2010 i had all the tea parties in photo albums.  When the tearoom was open ..girls and their moms would venture upstairs and look back at their Birthday parties.  I couldn't bear to throw all these pictures away.  So a few years back I started posting each party and making collages.  The very last year in 2010 I had all those pictures still on my computer so I didn't make collages but put all the pictures on each post.

What if one day one of these girls becomes the President of the United States or finds the cure for could happen.  In some small way, I feel that I contributed to their memories and to their childhood by creating an atmosphere of beauty and joy and peace.

As I was posting each picture it was crazy how many of these parties and families I actually recalled.  It was a chronicle of my forties...what I did each Saturday.  I think about that quote:

"When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen." - unknown

If I wanted adventure, I would have to write an adventure story, and if I wanted my life to have meaning, I was going to have to write a meaningful story.  When people ask me what I did with my time you can now see the answer to that by by party...and now wedding by wedding.

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