Saturday, January 11, 2020

Papa Seibert's Memorial Service - December 29, 2019

 Eric's dad Papa Seibert passed away on December 2, 2019.
We had his Memorial Service in Buffalo, New York.
1-3pm Visitation
3-4pm Service
4-6pm  Dinner
 Picture Boards with pictures of the family
 Papa and Nanni Seibert were a beautiful couple

 WW2 Veteran and in the Navy and we had Color Guard at his service.
 Eric and his dad

Our 3 sons at the Memorial

 Eric's parent were married in 1950 until 2016 for 66 years
 Family gathered looking at pictures

 During the reception dinner

 Ben teaching Hannah (great granddaughter) to teach Kings in the Corner
and wouldn't we all be lucky to have someone look at us with this much love.
Where their ashes are placed together in Buffalo, New York.

It was a sad day but a joyous day.  We know that Papa Seibert is in heaven with Jesus and Nanni.
He lived to be 93 years and we were blessed to have him as ours.

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