Saturday, November 19, 2016

Receiving my Credentials from The Oklahoma District Counsel of the Assemblies of God 11-12-16

 Credentials Celebration Invitation
 Mom and Dad
Dad passed on his Red Stole to me.
Very humbling experience to receive the stole and the passing of the mantle.
 I could not have done it with out my family's support.

 My best friend Jody Sharp was there for me.  It meant the world to me.
 My 3 sons supporting and believing in me.
 Blake and I at Sparks Camp where he was a counselor this summer for 6 weeks

Facebook collage by Tammy

This was a very memorable moment in my life.
Pastor Cargill called it being tattooed with AG on my arm.
The call of God on my life is sealed with this moment.

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