Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lori Simmons and Aaron Bacon Peacock Blue/Dark Hot Pink Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception on 8/13/2 016 - Judge Bob Hughey

 Aaron Bacon
Lori Simmons/Bacon
pic provided by Kenny Mullendore -- DJ
w/A+ Entertainment
Great Musical Evening -Kenny
Best Wishes and Lots of Happiness
for the Couple
from Walnut Creek Chapel Staff
 First Look in the chapel
 Pink Hydrangea pew flowers
 Exchanging gifts with the boys

 Lori and Aaron exchanging gifts

 Engagement Photos

 Wedding Programs

 Lori about to go through the chapel doors with her dad
 Walking down the aisle
 During the ceremony

 Signing the license
 Bridal dress hanging in the gardens

 Lori and her dad
 Girls handing out programs

 Bacon Wedding Party 
 Lori and Aaron and the little wedding party

 During the ceremony
 Sand Ceremony with the boys

Fresh Fruit w/Fruit Dip
Cubed Cheese
served during PICS
A Spot for Tea - WCChapel Caterer 

 Kids Station Friendly Food
Chicken Nuggets
Peanut Butter and Jelly Heart Sandwiches
 Sweete Connections Bridal Cake
 Star Wars groom's cake Sweete Connections
 Buffet Menu:
A Spot for Tea - Caterer
Caesar Salad
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast
Honey Glazed Ham
New Potato Casserole - Potato Bar with Toppings
Stuffed Mushrooms
Warm Croissant Rolls w/Butter 

 Cake Table
 Guest enjoying the buffet

 Streamer Exit
Facebook collage by Tammy

Venders: David Briscoe - Musician, Tammy Seibert - Wedding Planner, Facebook pics
Instagram pics, Charlotte Nease - Blogger, Judy Moninger, I Pad pics, Integrity Limo- Brad Johnson- Owner, Conner Brinkley - Driver, Security - Chris Sonaggera, Sweete Connection - Susan Taunton - Cake Designer, A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox - Owner, Kenny Mullendore - DJ for the evening, Ideas in Ice - Artisian Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl, A Spot for Tea - Caterer, Tammy and Chef Eric Seiberts - Owners, Conventions and More - Ivory/Ivory Stripe Floor Length Tablecloths, and Hot Pink Organza table runners, Other Venders: Uptown Grocery - Florist, Jessica Elle Photography

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