Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ben Seibert Graduation Weekend May 22, 2016

 Putnam City North
High School May 22, 2016 2:30pm
Class of 2016
Cox Convention Center
 Brock, Uncle Tim, Aunt Cindy, Eric and Blake waiting for it to begin
 Papa, Mimi and Aunt Janice
 Tammy and Brock
 Lets get this show on the road
 Ben getting his diploma
 Ben and Ausin (college roomate) in the same picture
 Ben and Becky Halliburton giving him his diploma

 Graduating with honors Oklahoma Academic Award
 Class of 2016

 Streamers at the end

 Ben and his Uncle Tim
 Ben and Uncle Tim and Aunt Cindy

 Blake Ben and Brock (the 3 brothers)

 Family picture

 Ben and Austin Parker

 Brock in shades and hat
 Downtown OKC festivities

 Thunder Alley
 Uncle Timmy and Blake and Brock
 Instagram Collage

 Instagram collage
 Fajita Bar and Pool party at our house

 Jenn and Francesca and friend
 Sitting around the patio and enjoying family
Ann Simonton thank you and Jenn for helping me.

 Blake with the girls

 Mimi and Papa

 Top Golf with Uncle Tim and Aunt Cindy
 OU tour and Jimmy Austin Golf Course
 Cattlemen's Steak House Eric and Cindy

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate.
We love you and are so proud of Benjamin.

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