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A Spot For Tea - Rose Cottage Archives February 26, 2000 - July 26, 2000

So I've decided to post past Tea Party Collage Pictures of each dress-up tea party I've done throughout the years.  Why you may ask? The tearoom is closed (we are now only doing outside catering and special events) and I've got stacks of photo albums and it seems a shame to get rid of these pictures into a trash bin.  My heart can't do it.  These families were wonderful customers and it just seems right to pay homage to all those wonderful memories.

Secondly, its nice to be able to search a name and pull up a tea party from my past up from this blog.  So I will be posting these in the Rose Cottage Archives.

Thank you to all the families that trusted me to give their daughter the best memories.  Some of these ladies are now having children of their own and I've done some of their weddings at Walnut Creek Chapel.  It's a blessing to share these pictures with you.
Kacey Brown
Friendship Tea
July 26, 2000
Coconut's Antique Mall in Moore, OK
Kristina Sites
5th Birthday
July 8, 2000
Marsha Gunter's home in Piedmont
Katie Hall
6th Birthday
June 17, 2000
Katie's home in Northwest OKC
Laura Ruble
8th Birthday
June 3, 2000
Elsie Todd's home in Bethany
Nikki Stratz
6th Birthday
April 29, 2000
Nikki's home in Edmond
Kimberly Wheeler
8th Birthday
April 15, 2000
Kimberly's home in Northwest OKC
Taylor Dickey
6th Birthday
March 25, 2000
Taylor's home in Stillwater, OK
Nicole Workman
7th Birthday
March 18, 2000
Nicole's home in Yukon
Cassie Potts
Friendship Tea
March 15, 2000
Cassie's home in Moore

Brittany Atterbury (First Tea Party)
14th Birthday
February 26, 2000
2:00 - 4:00pm
Brittany's home in Northwest OKC

When we first started the dress-up tea parties we went to the girl's home in our white van and we pulled a trailer with all of the items to bring the tea party mobile to the families.

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