Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Carolyn Prucha and Jake Seberger- Military Couple Navy/White Walnut Creek Chapel Wedding/Reception on 8.29.2016 - Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister

 Our Military Couple Both in Our Countrys Service
Thank You for choosing us
From Walnut Creek Chapel Staff
Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister
Tammy Seibert - Wedding Planner/Coordinator
and all of Walnut Creek Chapel
Wishing Lots of Happiness and Safety
 Carolyn and Jake's engagement picture

 First Look in the gardens
 Carolyn and Jake with bridal party

 Seberger Wedding Party
 Carolyn and son Deacon
 Deacon walking his mom down the aisle

 During the ceremony
 Carolyn and Jake after the ceremony

 Floating candle centerpieces
 Buffet Table
Fruit cheese and cracker cascade as appetizers

 Swirl Punch Bowl
 Sweetheart Table
Italian Herb Chicken,
Smoked Beef Brisket w/BBQue sauce on side
Creamy New Potato Casserole Bar w/toppings
Caesar Salad
Croissant Rolls w/Butter
A Spot for Tea - WCChapel Caterer
Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert -
 Groom's Cake by Sweete Connections
 Chocolate Bridal Cake with Strawberries by Sweete Connections
 Cake Table
 First Dance

Facebook Collage by Tammy

 Couple leaving in their Vehicle
VENDERS: Dr. Gene Nease - WCChapel Minister, Tammy Seibert, Wedding Planner/Coordinator, David Briscoe - Sound Tech, Security - Paul Whisman, Sweete Connection - WCChapel Cake Designer, Susan Taunton, A Spot for Tea - Caterer, Tammy and Chef Eric Seibert - WCChapel Caterer, Ideas In Ice - Artisian Ice Sculpture Punch Bowl, A+ Entertainment - Chris Cox - Owner/DJ, Susie Lopez - Betty Guiebry, Bartenter, Conventions and More - White/White Satin Stripe Floor Length Tablecloths and Navy Blue Organza Table Runners, Charlotte Nease - WCChapel Blogger, Judy Moninger - WChapel I Pad Pics, Other Venders: Rozier Photography - Christy Rozier - Photographer, 

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